Does your business need to securely and cost-effectively dispose of sensitive business paperwork and files?
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Do your old hard drives and digital media need to be destroyed before disposal? Protect yourself today.
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Records Storage


Need to store your inactive or archival business records offsite? Insure security. Manage effectively. Read More

Data Protection


Ensure your backup tapes or media as well as long term digital archives are secure and protected - offsite.
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Scanning Services


Convert your paper documents and files in digital assets. Improve your business workflow & efficiency.
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Medical Waste

medical waste

Safe, secure, & convenient Medical Waste Disposal Services to most of Georgia and Alabama. Read More

Does your business need to safely and cost-effectively dispose of sensitive information? Your business produces more sensitive information than ever before. New privacy and information disposal laws are coming into effect every day. Compliance with all of these new regulations is requiring more and more of your effort. Read More

Shelves Filled With Medical RecordsIf you choose to store documents with a records storage service provider, then you will gain a professional data management team at your service without adding salaries. Your employees can focus on improving your business, and you will not have to train your employees on how maintain your records. Read More

stock-illustration-20840425-too-much-work1-300x196Have you ever thought about converting your paper documents into digital format by scanning them? Some of the benefits many companies receive through document conversion are: eliminate file cabinets and file rooms, drastically reducing expensive storage space, put existing space to more productive use, easily share documents among multiple users in multiple locations, etc… Read More

stock-photo-20317880-cyber-security-concept-with-lockData Protection programs are becoming a necessity for businesses of all sizes. Regulatory compliance drives some decisions and disaster preparedness drives others. Could your company recover if your data was lost from a national disaster or a computer failure? Read More

Med Away Disposal Services offers a safe, secure, and convenient medical waste disposal program servicing areas in Georgia and Alabama. We value our customers. We will custom fit a program for your facility, large or small. If your needs change, we can change with them. Please ask about our online compliance program. It makes regulatory compliance so much less of a hassle.Read More